Seminars & Workshops

My philosophy centres around transforming people’s lives by giving informative and specialist advice on all aspects of nutrition, fitness and lifestyle management. Session content can be designed to meet your specific requirements.

My sessions are presented in an interactive, motivational and engaging manner providing practical advice to enable everyone take steps to change their diet and lifestyle.


I welcome the opportunity to pass on my knowledge and travel extensively around the country hosting talks on nutrition, health and lifestyle management for groups, clubs, schools and corporate clients.

I so frequently hear people complaining and suffering from a whole variety of symptoms that they don’t recognise are the body’s warning signals of dietary deficiencies or imbalances. By making simple changes we can see profound improvements, in not only our health but also our wellbeing.

My seminars and educational workshops are constantly updated to include the most recent and up-to-date research. I cover a variety of topics aimed to heighten awareness of healthy lifestyle choices to help you on your journey to achieve improved health and wellbeing. With over ten years’ experience in teaching and lecturing I aim to ensure my sessions are presented in an interactive and engaging manner taking into account all learning styles.

Popular Seminars & Workshops:


  • Nutrition: Understanding The Basics
  • Immunity: The Free Radical Attack
  • The Role of Antioxidants: Anti-Ageing Prevention Strategies
  • Stress Management: Preventing Burnout
  • Endless Energy: Free The Mind
  • Weight Management: The Sugar Balance Debate
  • Food for the Brain: The Role of Essential Fatty Acids
  • A Better Night’s Sleep: Tips & Techniques
  • The Young Athlete: The Importance of Macro & Micro Nutrients

My Education Mission

To encourage, motivate and inspire children to develop healthy lifestyle habits
My education programme brings together aspects of outstanding teaching practice coupled with a wealth of experience in the fitness and nutrition industry.

I gained my qualified teacher status (QTS) in 2005 and have over 10 years’ experience as a teacher, teacher-trainer and lecturer working in the Secondary and Further Education sector.

I am passionate about educating children from an early age helping to outline the benefits of adopting healthy lifestyle habits. With this in mind, I have built up a team using industry professionals: fitness instructors, nutrition advisors and lifestyle coaches to help assist teaching staff in delivering up-to-date fitness and nutrition knowledge to all students.

All members of the team hold fully recognised qualifications alongside DBS and insurance certificates.

This list is not exhaustive and session content can be tailored specifically to suit your requirements!

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