Bach Flower Remedies

‘Treat the person not the disease’, is the root principle underlying the Bach Remedy system, a holistic healing system, founded by Dr Edward Bach in the 1900’s. The remedies, of which there are 38, are all made from a single flower or plant and aimed at a specific negative emotion e.g. fear, lack of confidence or worry. They do not work in the same way as orthodox medicine does e.g. by targeting the symptoms, instead they enhance our existing positive qualities and are aimed to restore balance by working on an emotional level, balancing negative mind states, gaining health benefits of having a balanced emotional life.

Bach Flower Consultation

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The consultation will start with a discussion of your health and lifestyle where I will be looking for indications of emotional states which may have become out of balance. I use the analogy of an onion, such that we work by peeling back the layers of stored emotions which may have accumulated throughout our life (for some people this can be a longer process which may take several sessions).

By addressing each emotional state we can work on supporting harmony and balance in the body and mind using the support of specific Bach Flower remedies. You will leave the session with a treatment bottle containing the Flower Remedies targeted at re-balancing these states.


60 Minutes (included Personal Blend)£50

Follow-up Consultation & Top-Up

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Following your initial consultation and personalised blend, your bottle can be re-used (please follow instructions for cleaning and sterilising your bottle given during your consultation). Top-up blends can be purchased and do require a follow-up consultation to ensure the blend is meeting your current emotional needs.


30 Minutes Consultation & Top-up£25

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