Sound Therapy

In our daily lives, we are inundated with a variety of sounds, yet we seldom take time to discover each characteristic. We hear sound as a sound wave or sound energy, picked up by the ears and converted to a mechanical energy, then to a nerve pulse. It is the nerve impulse that then transmits the information to the brain.

Sound therapy uses sound, music and specialist instruments e.g. tuning forks, singing bowls, gongs and percussion instruments, which when played, exert therapeutic benefits alongside deep self-reflection techniques to improve health and wellbeing. Sound therapy has been proven to affect us on a physiological, neurological and psychological level.

The voice is also a powerful instrument and certain vocal processing techniques, when combined with movement, breath and visualisation can also be extremely beneficial.

There have been many connections with stress and illness and it has become widely accepted that methodologies that promote relaxation and help to reduce stress can be highly effective as a route to prevention off illness and dis-ease.

Group Singing Bowl & Guided Meditation

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During a sound therapy session you will be asked to wear comfortable clothing and invited to lay down (you can also remain seated should you wish). You will be provided with a mat and blanket along with a bolster (should you require). The session will involve using a variety of instruments including singing bowls, gongs and tuning forks. The sound frequencies are usually generated from the front of the space during group sessions and may also pass directly over the body to enhance the absorption of the vibration.

For some people, this can be an emotional experience as we work to shift any excess vibrations held within the body that may have been picked up throughout the day e.g. wifi frequencies or emotions that may be more deep rooted. You may see colours or visual images or experience bodily sensations during the session, but hopefully you should leave feeling a greater sense of calm and in a deeply relaxed state.


90 Minutes (Group Session) – £15
60 Minute Individual Sound Bath – £45
Bespoke Music Therapy Workshop – POA

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