Practice is the foundation… of life, of teaching, of relationships. Always the student, with over 25 years personal experience in Yoga, my love of yoga led me to complete my 500 hrs teacher training with the British School of Yoga and Yoga Satsanga Ashram Wales, where I was able to deepen my knowledge of the practices that I now teach: asana, pranayama and meditation.

Yoga is not just a physical practice, but a combination of different disciplines that contribute to personal health and mental and physical wellbeing. In 2020, I was able to bring my vision to life ‘The Retreat’ @ Old Lan Farmhouse, a wellness centre that addresses all aspects of mind, body and soul set in a remote idyllic location in Pembrokeshire.

My multidisciplinary approach to health & wellness will enable you to prevent or manage the pathologies that we most commonly face in the course of our lives, such as:

  • Stress & Anxiety
  • IBS and other intestine-related diseases
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Reduced flexibility, mobility and strength

I currently offer luxury wellness retreat packages in Wales alongside my work in Liverpool offering Yoga to small groups, one to one sessions and ‘pop-up’ beach Yoga (weather dependent).

One-to-One / Small Group Sessions

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Whilst group settings have their own attraction, it is sometimes nice to get all the attention in a class and work to your own ability level, safely and within your own limitations.

it’s always hard for an instructor to fully devote ‘one-to-one’ time to perfecting posture or refining an individuals’ technique, especially when faced with busy classes. I like to offer one-to-one sessions for those of you looking for a more personal and focussed approach, perhaps addressing a particular aspect of health and wellness, or pushing you to develop your Yoga practice to the next level.


60 Minutes£45 (Single Person)
75 Minutes£60 (Two People)

Yoga Retreats

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Every training and retreat includes a daily morning practice of meditation, asana, pranayama and mantra. Guests are encouraged to create and sustain their own home practice and training program.

You will be equipped with the toolkit you need to continue your practice at home alongside on-line support & guidance.


Please contact me for pricing of this package

Pop Up Beach Yoga

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Available in Wales & Formby Only

I hold ‘pop up’ yoga classes throughout the year, outdoors when the weather is good and also indoors. The outdoor beach yoga classes are a wonderful way to connect with nature and enjoy the beautiful beaches that Wales and Formby have to offer.

NB: We recommend bringing a towel to beach yoga sessions to place underneath your mat as the beach can occasionally be damp. All normal precautions in hot weather should be followed, bringing water, sunscreen and sunglasses (if desired).


Individual Class£10 per person
10 Sessions£80 per person

Online Sessions
Monthly Subscription £50 – Unlimited Access to Class Library

The online yoga sessions will allow you to practise wherever and whenever you want. Experience all the benefits of a fully customisable programme designed to suit your pace, needs and level of training.

With a deep and gentle practice I will guide you towards a feeling of peace: you will learn to let go of tensions and regenerate your body, mind and soul.

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